Advance EP

by jdv plus

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Frank Savage is Francis Yu
Famous Friend is Zach Carlson
xoco is Mia C. Rossi
Howle is Kristofer Crouch
jdv plus is Jaime de Venecia

recorded February to September 2016

all music produced by jdv plus unless otherwise noted


released September 19, 2016

composition, production, recording & mixing by Jaime de Venecia
co-production, engineering, vocal recording & vocal mixing by Zach Carlson
lyrics & vocals by Jaime de Venecia, Francis Yu, Zach Carlson, and Mia C. Rossi
additional production by Kristofer Crouch
mixed by Jaime de Venecia at PlusWorld in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, CA
mastered by Zach Carlson at Burn the Proof in Malibu, CA

*Track 1 samples:
David Foster Wallace’s 2005 Kenyon College Commencement Address
© The David Foster Wallace Literary Trust & Little, Brown and Company (2005)
“Futura Free” by Frank Ocean
© Boys Don’t Cry (2016)
[taken from "runnin around" by Buddy Ross]

*Track 2 samples “Smile” by Télépopmusik featuring Angela McCluskey
© Parlophone France, Capitol Music Group, EMI & UMG (2001)

*Track 6 samples:
The Dark Knight Rises
© Legendary Pictures, DC Entertaiment & Syncopy (2012)
The Prestige
© Touchstone Pictures, Newmarket Films & Syncopy (2006)


composed by Jaime de Venecia
recorded at PlusWorld
vocals recorded at Burn the Proof

composed by Jaime de Venecia
written by Jaime de Venecia & Francis Yu
recorded at PlusWorld
jdv’s vocals recorded at Burn the Proof
Frank’s vocals recorded at Why You Salty in the South
(Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines)
additional vocal mixing by Jaime de Venecia

composed by Jaime de Venecia & Zach Carlson
co-produced & co-written by Zach Carlson & Jaime de Venecia
recorded & engineered by Zach Carlson at Burn the Proof

composed by Jaime de Venecia
co-written by Jaime de Venecia & Mia C. Rossi
recorded at PlusWorld
vocals recorded at Burn the Proof

composed & produced by Kristofer Crouch
written by Jaime de Venecia
recorded & mixed by Kristofer Crouch at 2313
(Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
vocals recorded & mixed at Burn the Proof

composed by Jaime de Venecia
recorded at PlusWorld


with love & special thanks to:
Mom & Daniel
Dad, Tita Karen, Andrew, Amanda & Lucas
Lolo Romy, Lola Jing & Auntie Mel
Tita Leslie & Alex
Grandma Vicky & Grandpa Glyn
Tita Sandra, Tito Mark, Matthew & Alison
Lolo Joe & Lola Gina




all rights reserved


jdv plus Los Angeles, California

small man
big emotions

from Makati City, Philippines

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Track Name: Wolf / This Is Water
you did me wrong
you did me so wrong
you got me fucked up
you fucked me right up
you left me to dry
yeah i died inside

[David Foster Wallace]
none of this stuff is really about morality or religion or dogma
or big fancy questions of life after death
the Truth is about life before death
it has almost nothing to do with knowledge
and everything to do with simple awareness
awareness of what is so real and essential
so hidden in plain sight all around us all the time
that we have to keep reminding ourselves
over and over
this is water
this is water
this is water
Track Name: Isn't It ft. Frank Savage
[Frank Savage]
holding me back
these people around me they want me to fail
but i wouldn’t crack
i’m on a mission don’t cut me no slack
that shit wouldn’t float
bitches around em and guys with the coke
like is it a joke?
handle your business i’m handling mine
told you i been doing fine
why do i have to repeat it to people who think that i’ve run out of time
is it a dose?
beating my foes
keeping my conscience i need it the most
i need it the most

but it’s big bills on a post paid
not surprised they got no faith
i’ve been giving like no shade
i been looking for the top floor
they ain’t looking at the boxscore
if you checked out my stats nice gotta talk less
and rap more like woah
i been moving so slow
i just spent a few in college and i think i’m going pro
do this shit for my folks
hold it down for my mama while she living on the east coast

[jdv plus]
and on the west coast
i’ve been training hard
doing like +63 down venice boulevard
cruising thru my streets
and i don’t make it to the beach
unless my girl done rolling up
a couple ounces of that leaf
restaurant after restaurant
making cash in tech and then i live like upper echelon
palm tree boys my flex is on

[Frank Savage]
this for the family
see them on multiple stages
my people made for the cover
your people really just flip through the pages
we’ve all been dealing with changes
most of them hate you but then there’s the few
that support you and give you their praises
that shit is really contagious
you can keep chasing these hoes
get yourself high but can’t deal with the lows
sipping on liquor i stumble then drive myself home
while i’m wasted cause anything goes
maybe it would have been different if i didn’t go
bet on some people here wishing that i didn’t show

[jdv plus]
i’ve changed a lot of my weight
i’m making different mistakes
i’ve got new things to say
i got a new life today
new shit every day
my mind’s a different world
your old boy’s got a new girl
molly, never again
my life was almost ruined
in 2012
Track Name: Ghosts (w/ Famous Friend)
wake up in a haze
we haven’t been on the same page
two ships in the night
i get up at 5
right when you’re just ending your day
you wanted to fuck when i didn’t
you’re gone and now i need affection
getting so sick of these games
and all of our missed connections

but i swear
i will never ever leave you
i couldn’t ever mistreat you
right now it could all be so simple
so please we don’t have to get into
our feelings
what’s hiding beneath these eyes
i’d rather not know what’s inside
let’s smile and forget what’s inside

[Famous Friend]
i’m missing you
no lies no truth
we’re both ghosts and slowly fading
but i’ll keep waiting

you’re stuck on the earth
and my mind is deep in the stars
from the edge of the atmosphere
i can’t feel where you are
these days we’re on separate islands
just dying to make a connection
we’re trying to pull them together
they’re floating in different directions

but i swear
i will never ever leave you
i couldn’t ever mistreat you
you know this’ll never be simple
so don’t waste your time getting into
these feelings
what’s hiding beneath your eyes
i’ll always be on your side
even when i don’t know what’s inside

(baby i don’t know)
Track Name: Valleys ft. xoco
i’ve been down to the valley
i’ve been thinking about it lately
and i know i’ve been unruly
don’t know if i deserve it
yeah i’ve been down to the valley
i’ve been wasted forever
and i know when i come out of it
we’ll see if it was worth it

and then the real thing hits me
the pressure makes me stronger

i never like to go and open that door
but the pressure makes me stronger
with every step i go
hills make me want more
i’m your barometer
so we breathe and go under
we breathe in and go

[jdv plus]
i drive through these winding roads
to get to the studio
i’ve suffered my twists and turns
i’ve been lost in some valleys
when i'm drugged out i can’t help it

you're familiar yet far away
there’s nothing i can’t fix these days
i’m starting to learn how to help myself
i’m starting to earn my own true wealth

i drive through these winding roads
where they lead me i do not know
i’ve suffered my twists and turns
i’ve been lost in some valleys
but these days i can help it
Track Name: Little Secret [prod. by Howle]
i sense desire beneath your words
i share what you feel
we both see what’s going on
surrender your world
no more right and wrong

all we have is now
i promise you
i just don’t know how
to love you
just the way you want me to
just the way you need me to
i lust for you

beating rapidly
beating rapidly
darling don’t you see
it don’t have to be
deep and shit like that
it just has to be
our little secret
between you and me

then i’ll set you free
you will set me free

i’ve seen your colors since day one
you bled them out for me
your transparent spectrum
come with the moon
and leave with the sun

all we have is now
you know it’s true
you think you want me
to love you
you know what you really need
no heart in my seed
you lust for me

because you’re crazy
just like me
my heart is

a little secret
Track Name: Wolf in the Dark
you think darkness is your ally?
you merely adopted the dark
i was born in it
molded by it
i didn’t see the light until i was already a man
by then it was nothing to me but blinding


[Epilogue: John Cutter]
now you’re looking for the secret
but you won’t find it because of course
you’re not really looking
you don’t really want to work it out
you want to be fooled.